Special Projects and Dangerous Goods

ACS has established and operates a special department for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods since 2006, in strict compliance with the regulations laid down in the International Dangerous Goods Regulation (ADR). The Department of Special Projects operates according to the necessary certifications and approvals of National and International Bodies (Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity, National Blood Donation Center, World Health Organization, National Telecommunications and Posts Commission, Telecommunications, National Atomic Energy Commission etc.)

ACS offers Express transportation within Greece for the below categories (upon agreement):

  • Transportation of Blood Samples & Biological Substances (ACS is ISO certified for the transportation of Blood Samples & Biological Substances and is equipped with specially adapted and certified vehicles)
  • Transportation of Radiopharmaceuticals (ACS holds a Special License for Transportation of radiopharmaceuticals)
  • Security Assignments

These special agreements entail the following benefits for the customer:

  • Analytical GPS Track & Trace
  • Secure delivery
  • Insurance coverage
  • Key Accounts Customer Service Support
  • Customization according to customer's needs

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Transportation of blood and blood samples or other biological substances is carried out by appropriately trained staff in specially adapted vehicles which are certified by the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity and packaged and refrigerated as approved by the World Health Organization. All drivers of the certified vehicles are holders of diplomas as per ADR for Class 6.2 - infectious substances. The vehicles are equipped with a real time electronic vehicle tracking system via satellite (GPS), with simultaneous indication of the different temperatures on the electronic display of the driver as well as at the transportation control center, with an audible alarm signal in case of temperature deviations beyond the permissible transportation temperature limits.

ACS undertakes and carries out assignments that require high security standards. For this reason, ACS has established and operates a high security assignments department where the shipments are monitored at every point from the moment of receipt up until the moment of delivery. An illustration is the assignment regarding the transportation of high security documents whereby transportation is carried out with special double padlock suitcases which contain a mobile GPS so that the monitoring department can have the stigma of the suitcase at any time. Transportation is carried out in special cages and shipments are scanned at three spots at each transfer point they go through in order to ensure their authenticity.

Transportation of radiopharmaceuticals and of small sealed sources is carried out in specially armored vehicles following the permission from the National Atomic Energy Commission. All staff involved in the assignment is well trained and undergoes continuous training from the agents of the National Atomic Energy Commission, the collaborating radio-physicists and the safety advisors of ACS. All drivers are holders of diplomas as per ADR for Class 7 - radioactive materials. The vehicles are equipped with a real time electronic vehicle tracking system via satellite (GPS), with direct communication of the route of the vehicle to the transportation control center so that there is immediate notification and response of the closest safety team in case of an accident.