Packing Instructions

Correct packaging = safe shipment!

What you are advised to do:

  • Make sure the size of package is proportional to its content in order to avoid deteriorations.
  • Use special materials to avoid content vibrations and motion in order to avoid the object moving within the parcel and to avoid contact between them.
  • Use tape to seal the shipment.
  • Make sure that the fragile materials are placed in the center of the package and do not come in contact with all the sides of the package.
  • Liquid materials must be placed in containers that do not leak inside a hard box and should be sealed in plastic bag.
  • If your shipment contains plastic bottles (i.e. shampoo or shower soaps) you must use extra packaging. Seal the opening of the bottle with packing tape in oder to ensure that the lid won’t open at any pressure and its content won’t be poured out.
  • Remember that bad packaging can destroy any other contents that are included in your shipment.
  • Re-package your gifts. An impressive package is not necessarily safe.
  • Wrap all small size contents with paper.
  • Items such as diskettes, cassettes and videocassettes should be wrapped in soft packaging material.
  • Indicate the name, address of the recipient and his telephone number in capital, legible letters, making sure that all the necessary information is mentioned for the timely and valid delivery.
  • Do not use the same box for a second time, but if you do make sure that the box is not worn out and all the previous labels and stickers have been removed.

What you should not do:

  • The labels "Fragile" and "Attention" do not substitute in any case the suitable packing, they serve only for warning purposes.
  • Remember that any shipment is likely to be opened for control by the authorities, therefore do not place an excessive quantity of tape round the package.
  • Do not use cloth sachets or bags.

ACS assumes no responsibility for the above recommendations. The customer must ensure that the packaging is suitable for the shipment's transportation.

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