ACS Smarpoint Lockers for Businesses

Why to install an ACS Smartpoint Locker at my physical store?

By installing an ACS Smartpoint Locker at your store, you can increase its foot traffic with more visitors and therefore your income, making it even easier for your customers through the delivery of their shipment from a locker.

In addition, by placing an ACS Smartpoint Locker in your physical store, you can automatically add a new service to your business, without any financial burden or charge, promoting it even more and attracting more customers.

ACS fully covers the cost of purchasing and installing of the ACS Smartpoint Lockers, while providing you with free full technical support and maintenance, as well as monthly rent of the space (including electricity consumption). In addition, ACS fully insures the ACS Smartpoint Locker and the shipments contained within it, ensuring that its installation will bring you zero risk and zero charges.


Installation specifications ACS Smartpoint Locker


Length (cm.) Height (cm.) Depth (cm.)
220 220 65
  • The placement of the locker needs to be done on a flat surface without height deviations or irregularities.
  • The ground under the installation surface should not be loose, clay or wooden (ideally the material should be cement or concrete).
  • There must be no manholes, grates, hidden or not hidden cables, drains, manholes, gas/gas supplies, wall taps, PPC, EYDAP caps at the point of installation and under the base of the locker, around or very close to it etc.


With ACS Smartpoint Lockers, the partner online store, which is provided with a free plugin by ACS, offers its customer the possibility to pick up their order at any time or day they wish (24/7), easily and quickly, from the nearest ACS Smart Point, using a unique code (PIN) received on their mobile phone. At the same time, the customer-recipient has the unique option for the Greek market to pay for his online order with cash on delivery at the POS terminal of the locker, using his bank card (Visa, Mastercard). Also, great importance has been given to the safety of the lockers, as the ACS Smartpoint Lockers have an alarm system and LED lighting, while the order is received without human contact, which recipients to be safe, even in health crisis conditions, such as those of the COVID 19 pandemic. The software for the operation of the "smart" lockers, as well as the ability to pay cash on delivery through the integrated POS, has been implemented entirely by ACS, while an interface of ACS Smartpoint lockers with the widespread e-platforms is provided shop (e.g. WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, Shopify) in collaboration with the company AfrerSalesPro. Detailed instructions for each ACS Smartpoint Locker are available on the ACS website.

Learn More here: ΑCS Smartpoint Lockers

To operate and install an ACS Smartpoint Locker, the physical store partner/owner must:

    • Provide the external area of his business, which he demonstrably owns or has a license to use, throughout the day, with easy access for customers
    • Prepare the installation area based on the above specifications
    • Provide power and network (ethernet cable) if the ACS Smartpoint Locker's 4G signal is weak.

For the installation of an ACS Smartpoint Locker, are preferred businesses whose physical location is in central points, within the urban fabric, near places with increased traffic (e.g. banks, super markets, train stations, squares, etc.). ).


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