ACS in Numbers

The company currently:

  • Operates in premises of total 30.000 m² in surface
  • Has over 600 service points (in Greece, Cyprus, Albania and Bulgaria) 
  • Handles over 60.000.000 shipments annually 
  • Delivers to 15.500 different destinations within Greece
  • Has 2.000 delivery vehicles (trucks & motorbikes)
  • Has a workforce consisting of 3.000 specialized employees
  • Has 10 sorting centers (Hubs) throughout Greece, with automatic shipment sorting systems
  • Is equipped with modern IT infrastructure including Track&Τrace system and advanced COD service
  • Offers daily interconnection of the Branch Network, throughout Greece, Cyprus, Albania and Bulgaria, with 70 combined transport axes (Road, Sea, Air).
  • Exclusive air cargo flights to main island destinations