Advanced Business Post (ABP)

Simple mail service for group shipments of personalized and non-personalized contents.

ACS-ABP is a new and innovative postal service of upgraded simple post (delivery by deposit at the recipient's address), whereby the customer (sender) can be informed of the collection and delivery day of his/her shipments. It regards the domestic group consignments of envelopes (for quantities exceeding 1.000 pieces per collection) of personalized contents of no commercial value (i.e., bills, invoices, bank movements / transaction documents, correspondence items, letters, insurance documents - letters, etc.). The service is competitive in quality of service as well as in price when compared to the postal services in the market especially with the B 'Priority service.

Additional Services - ABP

It regards the control and certification of the correctness of the addresses, within the Greek territory, of the shipments of the customer. ACS provides this service as an additional service with a charge of € 0.01 / address and a minimum charge of € 100.

This Service regards the collection of the customer's shipments from his/her address with a charge of € 0.05 per shipment-envelope for collections within Attica, and € 0.10 per shipment-envelope for collections from the rest of Greece, with a minimum € 50.00 per collection.

The service applies only to standard shipments. It regards the cases where due to lack, poor quality barcode recipient and where the recipient’s data are out of specification preparation for visual OCR recognition, in which case the automatic computer retrieval of recipient data is not possible, and their manual registration is required. The charge amounts to € 0.10 per envelope.

An additional delivery validation service means that during the delivery, instead of a simple deposit, a delivery attempt will be made to the delivery address upon receipt of a signature from the one received without identification (as is the case with courier services). In case of absence, a relevant notice will be left for receipt of the shipment from the store and the shipment will return and will remain in the store for 10 days from where it can be received upon presentation of the relevant notice and will be completed upon receipt of the recipient's signature. The customer can (upon arrangement) request for a part of his/her shipments to receive an additional validated delivery service at an additional charge (in addition to the rest of the ABP service). Shipments for which validated delivery is requested will be delivered to ACS separately from the rest. The additional fee / charge for this additional validated delivery service will amount to € 1.20 per shipment, plus VAT, while there are no discounts on this price.


The shipment delivery times are indicated in the table below. The delivery times refer to the number of working days from the collection day of the shipments in Attica as long as they meet the preparation and classification specifications. The delivery times are indicative only and may change according to the volume of the shipments, the timing and the prevailing conditions. Difficult to access locations are the areas beyond ACS’s network cities and are listed on the website. Delivery days are all working days up to 13:00. For pick up later than 13:00, the pickup day is considered to be the next working day of the actual pick up day.

Destination Description Indicative Delivery Time * (working days)
Within the city Destinations within Attica 2-4
Land Destinations All cities in Greece except islands 2-4
Island Destinations Cities on the islands 2-4
Difficult to Access Areas All areas/locations beyond the limits of ACS’s network cities. 2-7


* The delivery times are indicative only and regard the average delivery time (see Clarifications & Explanations)


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