Claim Administration

Customer Complaint Procedure

Please follow the instructions below to obtain information about any matter regarding your shipment:

  1. Call at (+30) 210-8190000 or at (+30) 211-5005000 and press «1 for English» to the gateway.
  2. An expert staff will respond to your call and will record your request online so that the competent Department gets informed accordingly.
  3. Shortly, the employee assigned the notification – resolution of your case will communicate with you.

Such matters may regard:

  • The unblocking of shipment delivery from the COD payment
  • Delays in shipment delivery
  • Billing issues
  • Loss – Shipment Damage
  • Service issues with the ACS shop that served you

It is important to have ready available the shipment number for which you have called us.

Customer Service working hours are Monday to Friday 07:30-21:00 and Saturday 08:00 - 16: 00. However, it is possible to contact us to register your request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via voice gateway, by calling at (0030) 210 8190000. If you wish to send us your complaint online, please select File a Claim.