My Tools

"My Tools" is the space on the ACS site that provides you with all the useful tools for your daily or professional shipments. The applications were created for your better and faster service.

ACS Mobile App
Get served easily and quickly, for everything that may concern your shipment or your order, without the need to contact the store by phone.

Cost and Transit Time
Calculate the exact cost of your shipment and the exact delivery time. See the different costs among the basic ACS services and also choose the additional service that best suits your needs.

ACS Points Locator
See the upgraded application for locating the nearest ACS service point, with instructions and useful information about the point you are interested in!

Area Search
Search for the area you are interested in and find out if it is among the categories of difficult to access areas.

Online Pick-up
Call the courier electronically, to pick up your shipment from your place, the day and time you want.

ACS Web Connect
The application for medium-sized businesses which want to prepare their shipments via Internet is called ACS Web Connect!

File a Claim
For any incident you consider that needs our attention or support of the Customer Service Department, please fill in and send us the Claim Form prepared for the users of the Site.

ACS Points Plugin
Connect your e-shop with the ACS Smartpoint Lockers network, to further improve your customers’ experience.