ABP Post Customer Information


Our company, in order to better serve the customers / users of the letter mail service, in cases where the safe and proper storage of the postal item is not possible, such as, for example, in cases of uncharted areas, or addresses with incomplete street-numbering, or addresses with incomplete labeling, will proceed in taking photos of necessary address characteristics (e.g. entrance bench, if the mailbox is not easily detected, or other characteristics of the addressed house).

The company will not proceed in taking any photos of regarding people, plate number of vehicles or areas where photographs are prohibited (such as military camps etc.). At this point we would like to note, that the photos taken are combined with a password and can only be recovered by the personnel responsible for delivery to that address, if there is a postal item (sealed / closed envelope) to be delivered with the barcode of the same recipient, in the process of the following postal delivery (e.g., next month).

In any case, the recorded images are automatically transferred to the secure information system of the company and are not used for any other purpose except for the successful and safe distribution and delivery of handled postal items, while they receive the same protection as the recipient’s data, through security procedures.

The data subject has the right to access under Article 12 of Law. 2472/1997 its personal data located in the primary material and the right to object under Article 13 of Law. 2472/1997, under which it may request their removal. So, if a recipient objects to being photographed or requests the deletion of their respective images or data, ACS proceeds directly to deletion / destruction of these elements.