Additional Domestic Services

Upgraded delivery of consignments with collection of their value, which includes immediate return of the collected values, automatic electronic deposit in the Beneficiary's bank account and originator’s notification via e-mail.

Watch the video of the service by clicking here: ACS Automatic Cash on Delivery (web video / full HD)

ACS provides the opportunity of a future return in a delivered shipment, shipped by our company, regarding consignments from corporate clients that may maintain online shops (e-shops) but not only. Recipients through the “Shipment Return Service” (required precondition is that the sender company provides this service) have the opportunity to visit any store from the ACS network, within a fixed period of time* from the delivery of the shipment and can return a part or the entire content to the sender company, either by showing the original proof of delivery / voucher, or by simply dictating the 10-digit shipment code. Our store will create at the same time, directly and without hassle, a new return voucher with a unique 10-digit code, through which the concerned parties can track and trace the shipment at any time.

This new service offers multiple benefits for corporate clients and consumers. Our corporate customers will provide more completed solutions to the buyers of their products, while consumers can choose an easy way to return online purchases. In addition, both parties will have the opportunity to track and trace the return shipment online through our website. Our corporate clients interested in activating this new “Shipment Return Service”, within the context of their commercial return policy, can contact either the corresponding ACS store which serves them, or by calling the Customer Service Department at +30-210-8190000.

* The fixed period of time refers to calendar days and is set according to the agreement with our corporate client.

ACS undertakes to buy on behalf of the client the object that he wishes and to deliver it at a specific place of his choice.

  • Morning Delivery Service (usually until 10:00am)
  • Delivery within a 2-hour frame

(the exact delivery time depends on the destination)

For cases when you can’t wait until Monday!

Delivery Service to Difficult to Access areas the next working day (land destinations).

Pickup or Delivery of consignments during official national and local feasts and holidays..

Coverage of special requirements upon delivery of a shipment, such as the return of protocol number, or the reception and dispatch of considered documents and supporting documents to the sender.

Low priority carriage of group shipments, documents, business gifts etc. as well as any kind of consignments in large numbers at special rates.

Choose the appropriate packaging for your consignment amongst the 13 different types offered.

ACS Express Envelope

Express Envelope, for delivery of documents of up to 500 gr.


ACS Express Box

ACS Express Box, for shipment of parcels of 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 5kg, 6kg & 10 kg.


ACS Express Bottle

Box for safe packaging and shipping of 1, 2, and 4 bottles. Supplied with a special internal grille for the safe transport of bottles.


ACS Express Pack

Specially designed plastic bag for waterproof protection during transport. Offered in 4 different dimensions (Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large).

Please note that, by visiting our nearest store and using the Combo Express Services, you earn discounts of up to 25% for shipments throughout Greece and at the same time protection of your important documents and small packages, through the durable ACS Express packages, which are provided completely free of charge with your shipments! 

Automatic notification by sms or email regarding the delivery of your consignment.

The Express Services– Next Day, Combo Express & Same Day which are paid in cash by the sender or the recipient, as per the tariff schedule prices, include a free of charge ACS-Info via SMS/ e-mail notification of the delivery/ shipping respectively as well as of cases of failure to reach the recipient. The provision of this service is possible only if the shipper's and the recipient's mobile phone numbers and/or e-mails are recorded by ACS upon collection of the consignment.