Basic Domestic Courier Services

The basic domestic courier services of ACS regard the collection, sorting, transportation and distribution of postal items in predetermined times which differ according to destination, and with up to three -3- delivery attempts.

Find out about the services:

  • Express Next Day Door to Door (D2D)
  • Express Next Day Point to Door (P2D)
  • Express Next Day Point to Point (P2P)
  • Express Next Day ACS Combo Express
  • Express Next Day ACS Kiosk Xpress
  • Express Same Day Door to Door (D2D)
  • ACS Parcel

For information on services related to the ACS client category you belong to, choose one of the two types of clients:

Individual – Retail Customer * Credit Customer

* The Express Services – Next Day, Combo Express & Same Day which are paid in cash by the sender or the recipient, as per the tariff schedule prices, include a free of charge ACS-Info via SMS/ e-mail notification of the delivery/ shipping respectively as well as of cases of failure to reach the recipient. The provision of this service is possible only if the shipper’s and the recipient’s mobile phone numbers and/or e-mails are recorded by ACS upon collection of the consignment.

The delivery times are shown in the following table:

Basic Express Services Next Day Delivery Time
Within the same city 1
Within the same region 1-2
To land destinations 1-2
To island destinations 1-3
To "difficult to access" areas 1-5


ACS S.M.S.A. will make every reasonable effort in order to deliver the consignments as per its operation schedule and the normal delivery times. However, in the event that delivery times are surpassed, ACS’s liability will be strictly limited to the amounts that are specified in ACS SMSA’s General Terms of Carriage. All delivery times regard the number of business days as of the day of departure from Attica. For departures from Attica, it is understood that the “ready to deliver” consignments are collected in Attica no later than:

  • 18:00 for the Courier Services of Domestic Envelops
  • 16:00 for the Courier Services of Domestic Packages & ACSKioskExpress Service
  • 13:00 for International Services

For consignments involving collections from the Rest of Greece, the delivery times increase according to the time period involved for carriage from a specific point of collection to the point of arrival in Attica, a time period which usually corresponds to the delivery time of a carriage from Attica to the said point of collection. Consignments collected after the above hours and/or their transport mean has already departed from the store (depending on the point of collection and based on the deadline for collections) and/or their weight (volumetric or actual) exceeds 2 kg may depart the next business day.

The destinations are specified as follows:

  • Within the same city: Destinations within Attica
  • Within the same region: Regions are analytically described in the pricelist Clarifications and Explanations No 3.2
  • Land destinations: Are all the cities of Greece except the islands.
  • Island destinations: All cities in islands.
  • Difficult to access areas: All areas outside the city limits of ACS's network. Learn more about Difficult to Access areas by visiting Locational Store Search