Discounts ACS Members

New privileges for ACS Member cardholders!

ACS has activated new discounts, for all retail customers of its stores who acquire (or have already acquired) the "ACS Member" card. Discounts, which exceed 50%, increase depending on the number of shipments for which customers use their card.

Along with the new discounts, the members of the "ACS Member" program have immediate electronic information about their shipments, through free SMS or e-mail, while at the same time enjoy speed in their service (since the sender’s data is "read" automatically by the barcode of the card) and immediate information about their shipments and their Account through the ACS webSite, simply by logging in to the special Members’ Area with the unique code of their card.

Learn more about the new discounts and benefits of the ACS Member card by clicking here

For more information contact the local ACS store or call at 210-8190000.