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Services updates due to COVID-19


Update on ACS services changes due to emergency conditions (COVID-19)


Dear customers,

Given the conditions of the second wave of COVID-19 and the increased needs of the coming period, ACS, in order to preserve the quality of its services, modifies its services as follows:

1.     The Morning Delivery Service and Delivery Service with Time Frame Reservation (appointment) is suspended.

2.     The Saturday Delivery Service is suspended.

3.     Only one delivery attempt is made to the recipient's address. In case the recipient is not located, the reason for non-delivery will be available on the official website of ACS and in the ACS Mobile App, while the recipient will be informed about the reason for non-delivery (via sms or Viber).

4.     In all cases where the recipient is not located, ACS offers the free ACS Re-Direct service for pick-up from an ACS point (ACS Shops or ACS Smart Points).

5.     The residence period of the shipments at the local points of pick-up or delivery will be set in 7 calendar days, after the registration of the reason for non-delivery. The cases of refusal to receive the shipment by the recipient are excluded. Those shipments will be returned the next working day.

Please note that shipments of vulnerable/perishable goods and medicines are subject to possible shipment handling time differences, due to emergency conditions.

In any case, we assure you that the ACS team is working intensively to improve its services, depending on the circumstances.

We thank you for your understanding and we remain at your disposal for any clarifications you may need.


ACS Customer Service Department
Tel. 210 8190 000