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Suspension of emergency surcharge due to COVID-19


Athens, April 3, 2020

Dear Customers and Partners,

Following our recent update on 31/3/20, regarding the surcharge for shipments to Greek destinations, due to the unforeseen circumstances of the COVID-19 virus, we would like to inform you of the company's decision to recall the emergency situation surcharge.

Despite the extremely stressful conditions in which ACS and its local stores have been operating during the last days, resulting from the excessively high demand (mainly for home deliveries of e-commerce products), the absence of staff and the need for social distancing in its stores, conditions which significantly increase its operating costs, the company will refund its customers the difference from any billed charges up to date.

ACS, respecting the difficult conditions which have affected the everyday life of consumers, will make every effort to better serve its customers. The company will also assess during this month the additional operating costs imposed by the particular circumstances and then review its pricing policy.


Yours sincerely,


A. Vallas

Commercial Director

ACS Postal Services Single Member S.A.