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Delivery times update due to COVID-19


Delivery times update due to COVID-19


Friday, 4th December 2020


Dear customers,


ACS, with a sense of responsibility to the consumer public, has chosen to honestly and regularly inform its customers about the developments, the necessary changes in the handling of shipments and the adjustments of its services, due to the pandemic.

The company continues to assess the current situation on a daily basis and operates accordingly with additional human resources, means of transport and new infrastructure, in order to achieve delivery times as close as possible to normal levels.

The combination of the current lockdown, Black Friday and the pre-holiday season has pushed the volume of shipments that our customers trust us to unprecedented levels, much higher than the previous lockdown and at any time in the past. Given these conditions, and as a result of the significant increase in shipments during the current week, the average handling time of shipments is expected to reach 6 working days, while it may exceed these times mainly in Attica and Thessaloniki.

In any case, we would like to assure you that ACS continues its efforts and evaluates the services it provides, in order to meet the expectations of its customers, while advising consumers to avoid sending sensitive / perishable goods during this period.

We apologize for any inconvenience this situation may cause due to exceptional market conditions. We thank you for your understanding, your trust and your patience, and we will keep you informed of any upcoming developments.

Customer Service Department

ACS Courier and Postal Services